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Watchmen on the Walls


Just uploaded a VR program that will allow YOU to be a watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem....

Where David fought Goliath


Alex has been touring Europe to shoot a VR documentary with the most famous Composer of movie-themes in the world (whom will remain unnamed at this time)....

March of Life & March of Remembrance presents "Shoah Stories"


Yesterday we shot one of the most intriguing discussions you could ever hear...

Back from Israel (March 2016)


Just returned from Israel and thought it would be good to post some random clips....

Back to Israel for more VR filming in 2016



In only two weeks, CX will be going back to Israel for three more weeks of....

The rising star


for the last few months.....


More episodes released!



There is a LOT of new content coming your way from our "Cultural Xchange: Israel" series. We'll be staggering new releases every other week on Ascape for the foreseeable future as we work on building our own app. 


Cultural Xchange Series partners with Ascape!


Happy Holidays to everyone!

Just redesigned the homepage of to introduce an exciting partnership with AscapeVR to bring our Virtual Reality tour of Israel to you in 4k super hi-def quality...and it's still FREE!  


Cultural Xchange Producer Alex Pearce shooting for NFL in VR


Alex Pearce works with "Jaunt" on the first VR shoot of an NFL game in history! 

Producer/Director of, Alex Pearce, was contracted by French VR giant "Jaunt" to crew and shoot the first NFL game in virtual reality history! 

Cultural Xchange is wholesale distributor with Goggletech VR


It can be tough to explain our show before someone has experienced VR for themselves, so we are now partnered with Goggletech as a wholesale distributor for their uber-smart VR hardware. 


These Virtual Reality glasses work with any smart phone

First epidsode of "CulturalXchange: Israel" releases Oct 28, 2015



The first episode of the first virtual reality tour of Israel in history was released today!

I just can't wait!!!


From only the first day out of 20 days around Israel, Alex has put together an amazing show called, "The Last Day of Jesus" with guest host Yoram Black. Yoram is the top tour guide for the largest tourism company in Israel, IGT, and his insights into the history of that night, and the history of Jerusalem in the 2,000 years since, will.....

a VR 360 theatre



CX is exploring the use of a 360 domed theatre in Philadelphia, where we would be able to show Virtual Reality films without the viewer putting on a headset. 



Studio 7000 in Upper Darby, PA

LA Film-festival



Tuesday night we attended a VR meet-up in Los Angelos, and last night we screened "The Rose City" at the Kaleidoscope VR Film-fest....

"The Rose City" releases in San Francisco!



Last night we had our first screening at the Virtual Reality FilmFest in San Francisco...

It was a sold-out standing-room-only event at Public Works. There were hundreds of VR enthusiasts and film-makers in attendance. Our booth was crowded before the doors opened with other producers and VR biz-types gathering around to check out the film, "The Rose City"

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