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Cultural Xchange Producer Alex Pearce shooting for NFL in VR

Alex Pearce works with "Jaunt" on the first VR shoot of an NFL game in history! 

Producer/Director of, Alex Pearce, was contracted by a French company (Jaunt) to crew and shoot the first NFL game in virtual reality history! If you watched the 49ers/Falcons game November 8, 2015 and saw a guy on the field with something that looks like a pumpkin on a pole, that is cultural Xchange Producer, Alex Pearce, shooting the game for NFL Films in virtual reality.

And on Nov 29th at the Saint vs Texans game, his job was to stay with six feet of JJ Watt on the sideline. Jaunt is the world's leading VR Production company and now the forerunner in broadcasting major Sports events, with Alex as a camera man on the world's most advanced VR camera. 

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