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I just can't wait!!!


We had a "stitch party" in San Francisco last week, where several of us gathered to stitch together the VR films from Israel. Now, Alex is nearly finished editing what will be our first film from the VR Israel Tour last February. 

And I can hardly wait for everyone to see this! 

From only the first day out of 20 days around Israel, Alex has put together an amazing show called, "The Last Day of Jesus" with guest host Yoram Black. Yoram is the top tour guide for the largest tourism company in Israel, IGT, and his insights into the history of that night, and the history of Jerusalem in the 2,000 years since, will bless and enhance your understanding of the scriptures!

Yoram takes you, the viewer, on a journey from the Mount of Olives to The Tomb and all points in between. When you finally get to see it, you will be astounded at how you feel like you are actually walking with Yoram in Israel as he explains where you are standing and what you are looking at. 

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