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The rising star



Producer/Director Alex Pearce is quickly rising in prominence of the VR production world!

He has been contracting with the world's largest VR Company, Jaunt, and is camera-operator on the world's most advanced VR camera. This relationship has him jetting all over America for the last few months. 

As the world's leading VR company, Jaunt has contracted to shoot concerts with major entertainment stars (find their Paul McCartney live in San Francisco app online) and several more that we can't mention yet

They are also working with every major sports company like NFL Films, NHL, FIFA, etc...


I am supremely proud to see Alex getting his due for years of hard work and forward vision, but it also means that he's less available for future productions, including the Feb/Mar 2016 trip back to Israel. He will still be very much a part of the Cultural Xchange Series, with pre and post production concerns, not to mention counseling every other step of the way,  but this new connection will keep him very busy on other productions. 

But that is GREAT NEWS for you, the viewer, because he is producing content that you will be amazed and astounded by in the very near future. 



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