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"The Rose City" releases in San Francisco!


Last night we had our first screening at the Virtual Reality FilmFest in San Francisco...

It was a sold-out standing-room-only event at Public Works. There were hundreds of VR enthusiasts and film-makers in attendance. Our booth was crowded before the doors opened with other producers and VR biz-types gathering around to check out the film, "The Rose City"

The film is a peek into the life of a Bedouin girl who lives in Petra Jordan. She speaks frankly about arranged marriages, and life in Arabic culture, while surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the hidden city, the 8th Wonder of the World. The show is hosted by Producer/Director Alex Pearce and runs about 15 minutes. 

Next week we're screening the film at a VR Filmiest in Los Angelos, and in a couple weeks we'll also premier in Austin, TX.  

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